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Wheel Repair & Rim Repair


Do you have a damaged rim or bent wheel? Is your wheel scratched up or it has peeling chrome? If so, contact Gatorwheels for all your wheel repair needs.

We have many resources to repair your alloy wheel using the latest technology and techniques. Using Gatorwheels can save you hundreds of dollars vs. buying a new OEM wheel from the dealer. Sometimes certain wheels are no longer available and the only way to keep your same wheels would be to repair it, or get a new set. So contact us if you have any wheel repair needs.

How wheel repair process works

  Step One: Contact Gatorwheels to get a price estimate and an estimated turn around time for your wheel. (Many factors are involved, which may include wheel size and style, wheel finish, your location, etc.)
  Step Two: When you're ready to get your wheel repaired by, please send us your already dismounted wheel (tire removed) ... or we can have your rim picked up by UPS or FedEx and have brought to our facility to get repaired (charges apply)
  Step Three: When the wheel arrives, we will assess the damage and begin the repair process. In the event your wheel / rim is not repairable, we will contact you and then make arrangements to return it.
  Step Four: After the wheel has been repaired, it will be promptly returned to you and you'll be on your way!


Get started with your wheel repair


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